Nikos Alexiou’s avant-garde idea to bring together works of modern and international contemporary art cannot simply be regarded as a mere collection of artwork by other fellow artists, since the compilation process is in itself one of the artist – collector’s personal and ongoing artistic projects.

‘Of course I live with the works. I have all of them around me in my studio-flat,
and certainly do enjoy them. They need a lot of care .The more they become
the greater the demands for care is increased”.  
Nikos Alexiou 2010

* Nikos Alexiou, was one of the most distinguished contemporary Greek visual artists, known for his multi-dimensional work and international presence. He collaborated on many important theatrical productions since the 90s and represented Greece at international exhibitions, Arco 2004 in Madrid, Biennale 2007 in Venice and participated in and won awards at several international exhibitions and events.

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Image credit: ‘Grid’, detail, digital print on paper, dimensions variable ©
KIPOS, Nikos Alexiou private foundation, 2010